End your phone distraction in three easy steps

Agbaeze Henry
2 min readAug 25, 2020
You own your phone, why let it own you?

Let me cut the chase and get on with this very quickly!

You probably shouldn't be here in the first place; wasting your time on the internet, holding on to your technology, and then trying to figure out how to save yourself from the very thing that is currently sapping away at your productive life.

On one hand, you are enjoying the feeling but a few minutes later, the part of your brain responsible for making concrete progress on the task and goals you have set for yourself judges you and tells you that what you are doing is wrong! you are addicted to this thing and you know it. A few minutes later, you are reading this…

Take it away from your eyesight.

Yes, you heard me. From today onwards, when you want to get productive, take your phone and drop it a few meters away from you. You don't want to see it, you don't want to hear it. Also, this is the hard part, you want it to be hard to get to. If you’re extreme like me when at work, leave the phone in your car! if that’s too much for you, hand it over to a friend that works on a different floor. If you’re at home, go drop it in the washing machine. I just need your brain to know that it has to do some little work before it can get to that phone.

The three

It's not your phone that’s the distraction. There are currently three apps that are actually making you always stare at your phone. How did I know? ha! I’m in your head. Here is what I want you to do, sacrifice one for a month. Yes, from that top three, I will like you to delete one. Just one. Sacrifice it to the gods of productivity. Then, for the second one, I want you to mute or unfollow a few people. You and I know you listen/read crap from people you don’t even care about. Did you come to this earth to listen to jokes and read comments on social media? heck no! so end it with the loud people you do not care about. the third app is where you talk to your spouse and your direct family. Keep that.

So I should be the one telling you to Turn off your Notification? you know that already, I’m sure you do.

That’s it! I told you I won’t waste your time. I want you to attempt to build this in as a habit. once it sticks, you will be so happy we met today. Enjoy your life, be productive and when it’s time to relax, then you can play with your phone.